The best heralds in the district of

Seven hundreds


We are the Seven Heralds

And we are the best heraldists in Borås and Sjuhärad (the seven hundreds), Sweden.

Join us and become a part of  Seven Heralds (Sju Härolder). 


It started with an idea in february 1990. Then in may 25:th 1990, Seven Heralds (Sju Härolder) was founded and since then have we spread the knowledge of heraldry to the people in the district of seven hundreds (in Swedish "Sjuhärad"). 

Membership to the society is free and open to all. You don't need to be armigerous (a person who uses a coat of arms) to become a member. All that is required is that you have an interest in heraldry and likewise subjects.

At first, our name was the Heraldry Society of Borås (Borås Heraldiska Förening) but in 2010 we changed our name to Seven Heralds (Sju Härolder), the same name as the publication that we had between 2006-2008.

You find us online but we also meet in Borås and its surroundings.
We are now a local branch of the Heraldry Society of Sweden (  

The arms of the society
The arms of the society
© 2016 Sju Härolder/Seven Heralds, Borås, Sweden
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